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Royalty Free Resources

Any content that you use, that you have not created, can be subject to copyright laws and require a licensing fee for its use. This could include photos, music, video elements, or any other content created by someone else. If you choose to use this content, you are required to follow all licensing rules and pay appropriate fees. Good news! There are a lot of resources for content that are inexpensive or even free. You will hear the term royalty free. Royalty free doesn’t necessarily mean the content is free but it does give the ability to use content, like an image, for one low price. If looking for content on the internet, you can’t just grab something. Content belongs to the owner who created it. 



Fit Radio-

Rock My Run-


Instructor Music-


Muscle Mixes-

Power Music-

Pure Energy Music –

Yes! Fitness Music-

YouTube Audio Library




Video Editing Software

AVID Media Composer:

iMovie (Apple only) – pretty great for being free

Shotcut – Decent for being free

Camtasia ($) – Solid, paid version is very good

Adobe Premiere ($$) – what professionals use

Final Cut Pro ($$, Mac only) – very good editor, but it’s hard to use and expensive


Audio Editing Software

Garageband (Apple only) – mainly for music production but can be for general audio also

Audacity –

(one of the best free programs out there)


(generally for music production, powerful but can be hard to use)

Ableton Live –

($$) – really good for complex audio but expensive

Pro Tools –

($$) – what the professionals use and very expensive

We use Audacity for general audio stuff and Garageband for music production, they’re pretty good and can be powerful if you know how to use them.