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What is the Cancer Awareness Creative Challenge?

Cancer Centers are looking for ways to actively engage with their communities by providing cancer education, awareness, treatment options, research updates, and clinical trial information.  Finding effective and engaging ways for community outreach can be very challenging. 

The Creative Challenge provides an unparalleled opportunity for community outreach without necessarily increasing the Cancer Center’s communications or outreach budgets. By combining resources, Catch It In Time and the American Cancer Society will support and expand the Cancer Center’s existing marketing, public relations, communications, and community outreach efforts while supporting the mission and goals of the Creative Challenge.

The Creative Challenge provides an outstanding ROI for communication expenditures associated with the Challenge.  The Creative Challenge provides an entertaining and engaging way to reach students, teachers, schools, and their surrounding communities.  Besides generating awareness about the Challenge, this is a great opportunity to showcase the Cancer Center and its commitment to cancer education, treatments, awareness, and research as well as providing expertise for student questions or interviews.

When partnering with the Creative Challenge, the Cancer Center will have access to a creative staff to help with content development and additional distribution channels such as local TV/Cable news, regional/local /school print media and social media. Media outlets are always looking for positive stories for their audiences, especially young people who are doing great things.

There are no direct costs to the Cancer Center, only a commitment to support the Challenge through their existing communications and community outreach programs and providing expert sources willing to talk to the students.  This could include sharing on social media, websites, posters, mailers, PSAs, and events.

Monies raised through sponsorships will support cancer research and cancer awareness initiatives overseen by The American Cancer Society.