Resources for the Challenge

Why Participate?

Bringing the Create for Life Challenge into the classroom is one of the best ways to encourage participation and make learning relevant to today’s world. The Challenge fits easily into almost any curriculum or subject matter by teaching students critical skills and information, such as:

  • How to research and ensure materials are accurate
  • Creating project proposals, writing, and editing
  • Producing creative work on a deadline and for a specific audience
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Cancer screenings and early detection methods
  • Health and wellness guidelines
  • General organizational skills
  • And more


If you’d like more information on how to incorporate the Challenge into your specific curriculum, check out our lesson plan samples [link to lesson plan PDF].

Prizes for Schools and Teachers

When students participate in the Challenge, the classroom wins, too. And we don’t just mean with fun, interactive learning (though that’s important, too). If one or more of your students have entries in the national top twelve, your school will receive $5,000 to put toward whatever you need. In addition, we have special prizes for classrooms with certain submission numbers. More information on those coming soon.

Click here to download our teacher's kit, which has everything you need to help your students participate in the Create for Life Challenge

A Teacher’s Perspective video at top of page (needs updating)

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